Diabolical by Supriya Parulekar

Publisher: Gargi Publishing 

"About the book"
Lost and alone, Sonya fought with the demons that haunted her, threatening to rip her apart! "They want me dead..." Sonya mumbled as fear took hold of her. Being a superstar in Bollywood provided no solace to the gorgeous Sonya Rana and there was no running away from the fear that she experienced every waking moment. Jay tried to soothe her frayed nerves with his love but she chose to shut herself from the world. All she wanted was to leave her dark past behind, somehow. "Let me go... please,"" Sonya pleaded to Tania, her step-sister who fiercely loved and protected her. Sonya knew the bitter truth. In the end, either one will survive; she or the demons raging within her, and if the demons won, it would spell an end for Sonya. When one's soul takes a beating, all hope is lost and everything is over in a single heartbeat. The 'Diabolical' had manifested itself within the gorgeous Sonya, killing the hope of a chance at a beautiful life she could have had. Read this book to unravel the dark games our mind plays with us. Experience a tumultuous ride of emotions as Sonya's past catches up with her sending her life spiralling down. Author Note. Supriya is pretty used to daydreaming, and enjoys it like a sport. She's weird at times, but it's funny to watch her in that mood. She loves unicorns, rainbows, and glitter. She acts all grown up, but is a real child at heart. Supriya Parulekar is a published fiction author with five books. Her fifth book "One Tequila, 2 Tequilas ..." with Gargi Publication was released on 14th May. It is garnering positive reviews and is rated 4.5/5. OTTT is also ranked 18th among top 50 bestsellers on Salisonline. She likes experimenting with different genres and you will find something dark and mysterious in her writings. Maybe it stems from the near-death experience she re-lived as a child. Supriya has worked as a script editor for TV18, History Channel.