Interview with Sabi Shaikh

We got a chance to catch up with Sabi Shaikh, an Indian Author who has a book titled Via Delhi to his credits as well as he is a part of  many anthologies as well.

1. Tell us something about yourself 
Hello to all my readers ... My name is Sabi Shaikh ... I am a Hyderabadi by heart but a Mumbaikar by soul. I am an extrovert by nature ...  An MBA Marketing post graduate from the ICFAI University. I am a huge fan of Mother Nature and an avid animal lover. I am a very simple guy who still prefers Pani Puri over Pasta. I love working out and talking, if not a writer I would have surely ended up becoming a gym instructor or a Radio Jockey. I am just like a coconut. I look pretty tough on the outside but on the inside I am a very emotional and sensitive guy. It’s rightly said that never judge a book by its cover. I love writing but I am not much of a reader. I am a go getter ... An opportunist who never lets any good opportunity pass by. I also love singing at Karaoke bars and partying with my childhood friends.

2. Describe your book
Saifuddin Khan was a Sunni Muslim boy who was pursuing his MBA and resided in the city of Nawabs, Hyderabad whereas Mridu Bhattacharya was a Bengali Brahmin girl who was preparing for her BBA entrance exams and hailed from the beautiful city of Dehradun. Destiny strikes one day and they meet in the early morning in a very unusual manner. They become each other’s moral support in no time. Their bonding grew stronger as the days passed by and beating all the odds the inevitable happened, they fell in Love. Their unique love story stared at the Indian Samaaj right in the face as even today people and parents claim to be very open minded but the thought of Inter religion marriage makes them go numb and the first thing that comes to their mind is “Char log kya kahenge?” These Char log have killed more dreams than anyone else ever could. Saif’s parents had a broader outlook towards life but sadly Mridu came from a very conservative and narrow minded family. They were a modern day couple who always thought that Love is greater than or equal to any religion and were ready to fight the battle for Love in their own respective ways. The city of Delhi played a very important role in their lives even though they belonged to different cities.
Their love story was nothing less than a rollercoaster ride with a series of ups and downs. A twisted love story to be precise...

3. What is the most intriguing feature of your story?
That would be the twists that I have created at the end of every chapter. It will keep you glued on to the book till the very last page.

4. Any future ventures you are working on? 
Yes, I have already started working on my second novel which would also be a very twisted love story just like my Debut Novel VIA DELHI. Apart from that I am also focusing on writing poems and getting them published in International anthologies this year. I will also be launching my own personal website shortly.

5. Tell us something about your published anthologies by far?
My first every published anthology was “The Notebook of Romance” which was a collection of short love stories. “Deaf and Dumb Love” was the name of my short story. Apart from that I am also a published poet in an anthology called “Winged Hearts”

6. Any Rituals for writing??
I usually prefer writing when my side of the world is fast asleep.  I need a very silent and peaceful environment to write so I prefer writing during the night. I don’t really follow any ritual for writing.

7. Any Advice for budding writers?
Write from your heart. At least that is what I do. Don’t write with the intention of making money or getting fame. Write to make people smile ... Write to make them fall in love with your style if writing ... Write to win hearts. Everything else will follow.