“100 Rupees’ Happiness” at New Delhi World Book Fair 2015

NEW DELHI, INDIA (ANS - Feb. 19. 2015) - The Union Minister for Human Resource Development of India, Smriti Irani, on Saturday inaugurated the 42nd edition of the New Delhi World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan in the national capital.

The nine-day event, which began in 1972, is being organised by the National Book Trust (NBT), in association with the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO).

A total of 30 countries are participating in this year's fair, which is the largest such event in the Afro-Asian region.

100 RupeesSingapore is the guest country in this year's fair, while the status of the focus country has been accorded to South Korea.

According to a delegation from Urim Books, based in Seoul, South Korea, the publisher is conducting an event entitled "100 Rupees' Happiness".

"We cannot purchase happiness with money, but book fair visitors can buy 'The Message of the Cross,' which is a must-read for the whole world in 57 languages, for only with 100 Rupees, so that they can possess happiness by reading the book," said a spokesperson for Urim Books.

"Actually, the book is being sold at the price of 859 Rupees on www.amazon.in, however, we have planned this event to supply the book at the economic price so that anybody can get a copy of the book.

"We downsized the book and re-designed the cover, and the visitors can enjoy the book at Stand No. S1/3 at Hall No. 7 ABC, which is in foreign pavilion of the book fair."

In the book "The Message of the Cross", author Dr. Jaerock Lee writes that "The reason why God began human cultivation is because He wanted to gain true children who seek and believe in God through their freewill."

He goes on to say that "Human cultivation refers to all the processes in God's creating human beings on this earth and governing the human history until the Judgment in order to gain true children."

InaugurationofNDBWF2015The 2002 Healing Festival with Dr. Jaerock Lee took place at Marina Beach, Chennai, and during
the four days of the festival more than three million people gathered and Dr. Lee delivered the message of the book.

Urim Books is supplying Dr. Jaerock Lee's spirit-filled books to the Indian book distributors or bookstores like Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, MSS bookstore, KK bookstore.